Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I have been counting down the days since the last day of class to when our grades will be posted. Since I decided to go back to school to be a teacher, it seems like everything has fallen into place. Last semester was my first semester without taken general education classes, those classes you have to take to have a more "rounded" education blah blah blah. SO, last semester I was just taking all my education classes and I got straight A's. I couldn't believe it. I never thought I would get straight A's in college, but I did it. Well, this semester wasn't easy. It wasn't as horrible as everyone made it seem but it was tough. I only had 1 nervous breakdown so I thought that was pretty impressive. Today was the big day of getting my grades posted and I checked first thing this morning and the website of course was acting up so I went to a different browser and there they were in all their glory. 5 beautiful A’s and a 4.0. Seeing that makes everything worth it. I am on the right path with my life. I’m proof that it is never too late to go back to school. I’ll graduate next year at the young age of 32. (Which only seems old when everyone in your class is 10 years younger than you.)

Just don’t give up and don’t worry what others think. 
Just do what makes you happy. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I am no longer a preschool teacher so that is why this blog hasn't had any post in a really long time. I choose to quit my job to focus on school full time. I'm starting my senior year of school! YEAH! What's my major? Elementary education. with an emphasis in Middle School education. So, I'll be able to teach 1st grade through 8th. I'm shooting more for 5th grade, with 4th and 6th as my backups.

Maybe I'll keep this blog around to update for my classes and show some of the projects I've been working on. We will see how much time I have this summer and the upcoming year.

I'll also post pictures from my preschool days when I come across them. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy NEW Year!

Happy New Year?!?
Honestly I was a little worried about coming back to work yesterday. We were coming off our week long break and them coming back from weekends is normally tough. But to my surprise the kids were rather good. We have 4 boys who can be trying at times to deal with. The ring leader was abnormally good, which is amazing. It is awesome he came back from break and started acting like a big boy. Also today the same boy wore big boy underwear all day for the first time. We finally got him going on the potty the first of December and now he is potty trained. It is the best Christmas gift ever! So I am very happy that my first 2 days back have been nice.
Now down to the good stuff. The best thing about my job is decorating and being creative. I love coming up with the stuff to put around my class. This month theme is Winter Wonderland and for decorations this is a lot of fun.  Lessons plans were a little tricky but I managed to figure out some neat things for the kids to do.

In the science area I did a snow slope with some colored pictures of different winter sports.

Over by circle area, the “quiet” area in the class, I made a snowman and after the picture was taken I added some snowflakes around it.  

The house that changes every month by the dramatic play area, is now a winter house with a snow covered roof and smoke coming out of the chimney. Since the picture I added snowflakes around the house and a couple of little snowmen and penguins.

For the calendar area I used the same star paper I had up last month for the space theme and got a cute border with cut out snowflakes.

The cubby tags, we colored some penguins and stuck them on the folders.

Above the cubbies, I made an igloo out of some blue paper; I need to finish the eskimo and put him up there.

The front window (pictures soon to come) I went a different route then I normally do. I bought some cutout snowmen and the kids painted them with paint dotters. I was able to have almost every kid in the class decorate one. I then added words on the side that say “It’s ‘snow’ secret that we’re a great class.” 

Next time I will talk about lesson ideas for Winter Wonderland month. :)  

Friday, December 30, 2011


I have been a preschool lead teacher since September 2010. I work in the Get Set classroom, ages 2-3. Before I was lead teacher I was an assistant in the Preschool 2 class, kiddos ages 3 ½-4, for the first 3 months of working there. When they offered me the job of lead teacher I jumped on it. I didn’t even think twice about it. Although I had never really worked with that age, I thought if I could handle the crazy kiddos I was currently working with, these kids would be a cake walk.
I was just thrown into the classroom. I had never worked with kids who are being potty trained or had to change a diaper in the 3 months before working in this class. It took a month or 2 before I finally got the schedule learned and how to change the kids fast. I didn’t have an assistant at first but they finally had to give me one when they needed to move more kids up into my class. I went from having 8 kids to almost 16 overnight.  I went through a couple of assistants before they finally found me a keeper, Jessica. She is awesome. The kids love her more than me some days. We have a few problems kids and some kids that are amazingly smart for 2-3 year olds. Even on the tough days, I love my kids. They are amazing.
I plan on blogging about classroom ideas, events that happen throughout the day and lesson plan ideas I have. Our school has a monthly unit and then each week we can choose an theme that goes with it. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!